How we work

How we work

Movements are a model for many things for us as Movement Hub – also in our way of working. Here you can find more information about our team and board.

14 team members, 3 working languages and diverse political backgrounds.

The principles of our political work are also reflected in the structures of Movement Hub. Flat hierarchies allow everyone in the team to be equally involved in decision-making and organizational processes. We continuously develop our ways of working together and take decisions by consensus. To keep the many strands and threads of our work together, we have a process team that takes care of structuring our grassroots democratic processes and preparing decisions.

Being part of different social movements ourselves, the team can offer short-term and effective support. In order to have enough time for this and for other, for example reproductive work, we do not work more than 28 hours per week in Movement Hub. Our experience comes from climate, anti-racist, queerfeminist, housing, and self-organized-migrant struggles. We are united by our belief that social movements are the energy for social change.

We discuss our collaboration and goals in regular reflection and strategy meetings. We strive to break down hierarchies of knowledge and experience in our team, to strengthen each other and to constantly learn with each other. We aim at creating a trusting and power-critical space in which we deal with each other in a discrimination-sensitive way.

In order to reflect our role in social movements and not to miss important developments in movements, we have established a network of “Critical Friends” who regularly give us feedback on our work.

The legal entity of the Movement Hub is Plan:B e.V., based in Berlin. The board of Plan:B e.V. is composed of:

Inken Behrmann

is an activist for climate justice, feminism and the traffic turnaround. To discuss strategic issues in the movement more broadly, she hosts the podcast “Was tun?”. As a board member of Plan:B e.V., it is important for her to support grassroots initiatives as quickly and easily as possible.

Adelaide Ivánova

is a poet and activist from northeastern Brazil. She has lived in Germany since 2011 and since 2019 she has been active in „Deutsche Wohnen und Co. Enteignen“. As a board member of Plan:B e.V., it is important to her to support the perspective of self-organized migrant initiatives in the German context in the most uncomplicated way possible.

Christopher Laumanns

is active in the movement for climate justice. He co-founded Ende Gelände and Alle Dörfer Bleiben as well as the collective wort.wechsel. As a board member of Plan:B e.V., it is important to him that the needs of social movements are the focus of the association’s work.

How do we finance our work?

We are almost 100% foundation-funded. We are currently funded by the European Climate Foundation, Partners for a New Economy, ClimateWorks Foundation, The Sunrise Project, Robert Bosch Foundation, Open Society Foundations and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.