Strategic Exchange

Strategic exchange

Are you looking for new goals and new alliances? You are not alone. Movements are in a constant process of learning, reflection and realignment. We contribute to this through platforms for strategic exchange and through examples of how we can form strong alliances.

Klimax strategy platform

In 2019, millions of people were on the streets for climate justice. But despite climate strikes, occupations and blockades, the government presented an inadequate “climate pact”. Since then, there has been much discussion about how to increase the impact of protest. About new alliances, about new tactics, about new stories?

On the KlimaX platform and its Telegram channel you can find contributions to these debates, important movement dates and tools for your own strategy debates. 

Alliance building

In order to create deep social change, it takes many people, group and networks to voice ideas for change together. We want to help and are always open for networking requests, conferences and alliances. We are also at your disposal if you need advice in this regard.


The Kiezproject is a community organising project in which Movement Hub cooperates with Berliner Mieterverein e.V. and AG Starthilfe. The urgency for organising tenants is increased by the conflict between rising rents and the simultaneously important climate protection demands on the housing sector. The energy modernisation of apartment buildings leads to economic problems for tenants and often to displacement. The Kiezprojekt aims to help tenants learn about their rights, get involved in collective action, demand a say and create neighbourly networks.

Movement calls

In times of multiple crises, it is often turbulent. Lots of news, Twitter threads, strategic ideas and projects starting up. Who can keep track of it all? In our Movement Calls, we create space for discussion and analysis. 

We want to create places that can be used by the grassroots of the climate justice movement to conduct their own strategic discussions. To this end, we bring together as many people from movements as possible in order to develop insights for future debates from a diversity of perspectives.

Educación Popular

The Lohana Berkins Center for Popular Education (CEP) was established on the initiative of Bloque Latinoamericano Berlin and with the support of the Movement Hub. The CEP takes up the concept and political practice of “education of the oppressed” of social movements in Latin America – inspired by Paulo Freire – and translates it into the German context. The programme is based on community organising approaches and includes language courses as well as courses aimed at migrant workers and activists from the climate justice and tenants’ movements.