We offer small grants to initiatives or groups in social movements. Because we want to support social-ecological change at the grassroots. Contact us if you have great ideas but lack the money to implement them.

Our grants

Your initiative is working for climate justice and needs financial support, to pay printing costs for flyers, fees for workshops, travel costs or similar? Then contact us at We can support you as quickly and unbureaucratically as possible with grants of up to 5,000 EUR if you meet our formal criteria. We support groups that

  • …are self-organizing (not individuals, foundations, political parties, government-related or profit-oriented organizations)
  • …follow democratic working methods and decision-making procedures.
  • …are predominantly active in Germany.Whether and to what extent we can support your projects depends on our own financial possibilities and the current focus of our work.
But how does it work now?

To submit an application, please first write a short E-Mail to We will then send you some questions, which we will ask you to answer briefly and concisely. As soon as we receive the complete answers, we will decide together on the applications in weekly team meetings. However, due to the large number of incoming requests, processing can sometimes take a little longer. You can find our PGP key for encrypted E-Mail communication here.

Current Focus

The current focus of our work focuses on grassroots groups and initiatives that put social justice at the center of climate justice and thereby counteract the playing of “climate protection” vs. “social justice” against each other. This includes, for example, activities related to the energy sector, the housing sector, and the conversion (i.e., climate justice transformation) of fossil fuel industries. We focus on promoting structures that seek answers toward social-ecological systemic change in the face of intensifying crises. In doing so, we support activities in the areas of community organizing, mobilizing as well as capacity building.
Where can you apply for other grants?

Here is a small selection of foundations and funders that also provide financial support for social movements:


  • At you can search for foundations that fit your initiative.
  • At Netzwerk Selbsthilfe you can get a current brochure with numerous funding opportunities for associations, self-organized projects and political initiatives  
  • IKMO’s funding database contains information on funding opportunities for migrant organizations
  • Climate2025 sends out a weekly newsletter with international funding opportunities for the climate justice movement
Where can you apply for further grants?

To do so, scroll down once! We have linked further donors and foundations there.