About us

Platform for Social Movements

The Movement Hub is a platform that aims to strengthen social movements that work towards a climate-just future. We support groups and initiatives that educate and engage the public about ways to address the causes and effects of the climate crisis. We want to build a sustainable social movement infrastructure that preserves and makes accessible knowledge, experiences, resources and networks. We contribute to strengthening society’s understanding of the climate crisis as an issue of global and local social justice.

We center perspectives of people who we believe should be decisive when determining climate policy, for example: Tenants, migrants, most impacted communities, precarious workers, care workers, natural disaster survivors. We work closely with grassroots movements in a transparent and accountable way in order to maintain the Movement Hub’s credibility and to make sure the Movement Hub does not miss important developments and shifts within the different parts of movements.


Does your group need a communication training or conflict mediation? Would you like to learn more about community organizing? Do you need specific infrastructure or IT knowledge? Or small grants to help you to carry out own projects? We use our links to other actors and other movements to support you. We offer toolkits, material and counselling. We also aim to create learning and exchange spaces for groups and initiatives in order to strengthen their capacity to act.

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Theory of Change

We believe that deep social change is necessary at the cultural, political, economic and environmental level to respect planetary boundaries. Massive mobilizations of young people demanding climate justice and environmental protection form the basis of the movement for change. To achieve the changes they demand and that we all need, more coordinated action between people who engage themselves for climate justice and people who are active in other areas of society is required.


In the future, socio-economic systems will be actively shaped by the work and perspective of care and education workers, tenants and precariously employed people, disaster survivors, migrants and those currently affected by discrimination and social inequality. Their demands for climate justice through socio-economic transformation will be understood not as a luxury but as a necessity. Climate justice and social justice are no longer seen as opposites in mainstream discourse, but as two sides of the same coin.


Accountability – open to feedback, learning and change in relation to our movement support work.

Respect – to create an organisational culture that allows for mutual learning and trust building.

Heterogeneity – to support heterogeneity within the movement ecosystem.

Justice – we seek to actively address discrimination and systems of oppression.


Please get in touch via kontakt@movement-hub.org with all your general questions and concerns.

If you are seeking for support for a project, please send us an email to projekte@movement-hub.org

We are currently funded by the European Climate Foundation, Partners for a New Economy, ClimateWorks Foundation, The Sunrise Project, Robert-Bosch-Stiftung, Open Society Foundations and The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation.