Infocall Defend Lützerath

Wednesday, 16th of November 2022, 7pm

An event of X-tausend für Lützerath

The call will be in English

This winter, things will get serious: the coal corporation RWE and the german government want to evict and demolish the village of Lützerath. Huge quantities of one of the world’s dirtiest fossil fuels, lignite, lie beneath the village. RWE wants to extract a total of 280 million tons of this coal from the open pit mine that threatens the village – six times more than Germany’s last chance of staying within its 1.5° budget. Only we ourselves can stop this.

On site, a diverse resistance has developed: there’s a protest camp, there are several squatted houses, weekly village walks and on Nov. 12, the decentralized day of action for COP27, there will be a large demonstration in Lützerath. We don’t know when the eviction attempt itself will be, we’re staying alert.

In this call we want to discuss with you the many ways you and your groups can be part of the resistance around Lützerath.

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