Our Work

Enable your projects

Your group or initiative is committed to climate justice and a socio-ecological change in our way of production and living? You have great ideas, but lack the money to implement them? We offer small grants for projects that strengthen social change from below. Send an email us at projekte@movement-hub.org.

Increase your capacity to act

In order to be active in the fight against the climate crisis and to work for the necessary social transformation, we need a variety of skills. Whether it is communication, social media work, strategy development, conflict facilitation, resilience, or community organizing, we are happy to help if you want to increase your capacity to act with specific trainings or workshops.

Broadening our base

The climate justice movement is strong, but so are the social forces that stand for “business as usual.” For socio-ecological change, we therefore need to become more and act more strongly in the long term with movements in other areas of society. We want to help forge new alliances, focusing especially on the perspectives of those who are most affected by climate crisis and transformation.