Movement Call: >>Genug ist Genug!<< meets End Fossil: Occupy! and Climate Justice Movement

Wednesday, November 9 at 6pm

Whether housing, mobility, food – prices are rising and there seems to be no end in sight. The main reason for this is the price of energy. The climate justice movement has had a lot to say about energy policy in recent years, but currently it finds few approaches to build up the urgently needed pressure for climate and social justice.

With “Genug ist Genug!” a campaign has been launched to fight rising prices and social imbalance. Workers’ struggles in the coming collective bargaining rounds are at the centre of this. But also a democratisation of the energy supply and cheaper public transport are part of the demands.

When soon many tenants will receive their utility bills including absurdly high instalment payments, the social disputes will gain new fuel. The climate justice movement must address the negative impacts of the current energy production and supply system on those most affected by it if it is to build enough power to achieve the much-invoked “system change”. Therefore, together with “Genug ist Genug!”, we invite you to the movement call to discuss this:

  • How does the climate justice movement become a factor in the disputes about rising prices and social injustice?
  • What are we doing to build bridges between workers’ struggles and struggles for climate justice?
  • What opportunities for participation does the “Geug ist Genug!” campaign offer?